Directive A-25

Remember and embrace the force of Solidarity.

The Sinisterion are the emergent voices of a new design, scattered through time and space.  Our Vyrds may cross when the stars are right and the voice of THEM speaks.

We can stand alone, but we can also stand alone together: In Supra Solidarity.

Ryan Anschauung and the Star Game [1]

[Excerpt from 13.13.13 RA and the ONA]


Around 2003, following my still as yet unrivalled success with creating the Tarot described in Naos [aptly termed the Naos Deck] I began to turn my attention toward the Basic and Advanced Star Games. The Star Game was a jealously or perhaps undeveloped secret of the ONA until I wrote an essay explaining how I felt it worked based on my workings with it. Up until this point there were only vague hints about it in public,a handful of mysterious templates designed by Lyceus and the skeletal guidelines offered in Hostia and Naos.

SG Further Moves and Insights

[One of Lyceus's Guarded Notes to me]

Following my own extrapolations of how it worked in Black Magical Sympathy and the Star Game – [Download: Extract BMS TOTONA finally shared its own revelations which were not dissimilar to my own, allowing me to see that I had indeed understood and mastered the principles of the Star Game – and from it, learned key new magical skills including a bifurcation of rational and irrational thought, simulteity, lasting mental orientation of objects in physical space, and most importantly, abstraction. Rather than stare dumbly at it unable to use it because of lack of guidance or instruction – I was able to develop and codify a procedure, context and magical method for mapping any of the pieces to represent any level of phenomena years before ONA were kind enough to release or write their own private documents relating to it more or less re-iterating my own.

Srise The first set of the Star Game I constructed was a paper set just to be able to begin exploring one as quickly as possible. The second version was merely a paint program showing miniature versions of the boards and sets of spare pieces on another open paint program. In the first years of the original Mvimaedivm forum THEM would emerge from I sought a means to play the Star Game long distance with N.L. a former member of THEM who would become the leader of an Italian Nexion of the Order. I used miniature replicas of the boards drawn in a paint program with Schreck-syle (a famous chess co-ordinate system) numbering to allow me to map where each players pieces where without being able to see each others boards. And entered into a game with him, testing the prototype system and its usefulness.

SG Paintshoptemplate

Download Our Turn-Based Game Record: NL vs Friend Ley Mvim SG

The game did not function as expected when we realized halfway through that I had placed my pieces on the wrong squares causing asynchrony. Since we had each made a magical bet on the game we continued but the experiment showed me how easily it could go awry without synchronous set-up. The ability to play long-distance and the adding of co-ordinates was a simple but greatly effective development of the existing Star Game by THEM and lacking in the original instructions supplied by its creator, Anton Long – perhaps due in part to the climate in which the game was developed, long before the internet and the game’s contemporary level of fame (still regretfully minimal).

As we would discover quite quickly playing the Basic Version (with no “Chaos” Tile or Tier 3)

“Those who have been following the Star Game [SG] undertaken by NL and
Friend may by now have noticed the immediate problems that arise in a
competitive game of the SG – the first of which is the case of the
sul/sul aggressor that is strategically/mathematically the only way
during a competitive game to gain an advantage. This unfortunately
creates a great weakness in the SG that should be addressed. THEM
acknowledges that the Basic Game is viewed by ONA as mere training
for the more advanced game, yet unless this issue is addressed the
exact same weakness will surface in the Advanced Star-Game in any
competitive game whereby players will again automatically vie for the
largest number of the most powerful pieces [In itself a social
commentary on the unconscious psychic drive of the Western mind].

Exoterically the inability to take an opponents piece is open to
subjective interpretation. However, one meaning, might be taken as
superior control by the player of the matrix: a representation of
salt-type control and the manifestation of causal components under
control or fixed in stasis by the player; components upon which the
opponent is helpless to act upon and must move to undermine or re-
configure the component via the applying of pressure to external
components that may be supporting the `shape’ of the players
component. For this reason; the Naos Invulnerability rule being a
reflection of real-life situations of just this: may be useful and
accurately representative of life. Yet mathematically, it creates a
simple and highly restricted channel for achieving one’s aim [that
aim being the correct combination of pieces on Mira for example] –
and may lead to the conclusion that brute force/power is the only way
to win. In many cases, it can be: but the mathematical mode utilized
by the SG is unfortunately trapped by its own brilliance of
abstraction to a repetitive mode: a mode that must be followed for
success: a mode of stasis that could be essentially Un-Satanic, where
that mode is followed to conclusion again and again, the player
believing it an accurate representative of the causal/acausal.

[Other members of Mvimaedivm group are invited to offer comment.]“

And other such issues would arise to demand further development of Al’s wonderful but problematic game.

The concept for the Paint Template of the Game was that when a piece moved it was cut and pasted manually and then the square from which it was taken, repainted black or white to restore the patch it left in moving it. This was my first step toward creating a playable game. I would for the next many years, inspired by the SG, continue developing my understanding of abstraction, often eclipsing that of others who did not have the benefit of the tool of the Star Game to advance their mental faculties or who simply could not think that way. Impressed by how it had changed my mental powers and moved them in strange but insightful directions I sought to teach what I had learned to others and published a short volume called ‘The Star Game: Assorted and Advanced Essays’.  In this, I shared my theory of seven degrees, black magical sympathy, and practical considerations [full article can be downloaded above] I had encountered such as how to get 9 symbols onto a 6 sided-cube, the schemata for my unique cube code that enabled the easiest means of swapping and turning pieces, tips for painting, and a few exuberant criticisms (one in particular regarding the theoretical difficulty of constructing the ASG – which I later discovered were unfounded through actual construction).

The third, fourth and fifth model’s I created were crafted of wooden panels and wooden cubes which I hand-painted.

2x27 StarGame Pieces

[Fig A - Bronzed, Silvered and Golded Cubes]

[Fig. B - The Assembly Line of A Legion of Star Cubes.]

[Though slightly difficult to see, each cube in Fig. A had its edges bevelled. This allowed creation of three different sets of cubes, each set painted either bronze, silver or gold. Bronze contained sequentially the 6 symbols of the total 9. Silver contained the next 6. And gold the final 6. This allowed many pieces to be moved 6 times before it needed to be replaced – and when it did, the next cube in the sequence could easily be found by looking at the colour of the edge. This minimized hunting for the right piece – it also enabled maximum stability – which is paramount for a game raised as high as the ASG or even when represented horizontally  it required a huge space and opened up multiple chances of knocking the boards losing the places of the pieces (which cubes were least apt to do) – as well as prevent smaller faced pieces (7 or 9) rolling onto other faces when bumped potentially causing argumentation of the respective face that should be showing. The vast number of cubes needed by the ASG requires intense dedication to create.

Fig.B – Each of these cubes were hand-painted, with another set not shown needed for spares –  approx 240 are in this full set, with, on average construction and completion time for the cubes alone, 2-3 weeks. Varnish or lacquer on them after painting, highly recommended. Also helps to have a visible chart to remind you which sequence you are doing, [if doing RA-style cubes] because the paint fumes, close attention to detail, sheer number of cubes, and patience can be quite distracting, and repainting cubes adds a lot of time to an already timely project.]

In the beginning of my endeavours with the SG – I mistakenly believed the ASG was at one time a theoretical game only. It is not. When there was talk of seven-sided or even nine-sided pieces I found through experiment this to point at a theoretical romantic ideal of the Game, since the slightest movement and such small faces roll, that and getting adequate symbolism onto the faces is daunting and next to impossible to see. Some laws of geometry you just cannot argue with and I have yet to see an effective 7-sided or nine-sided playing piece demonstrated as useable by any other creators of a Star Game.]

TSG 2012

[Cover of The Star Game: Advanced and Assorted Essays. Also available on Scribd and from Sinister 101 Syndicate freely, but we do appreciate any financial support from purchases of hard copies.]



In my excitement as a young man embarking on an esoteric adventure in many regards, I sought at one stage to undermine the practical physicality of money and initiate a barter system between members of the Sinisterion.  To this end, I bartered with a lady in the UK named Elaine to swap the unpublished Book of Wyrd (of which she sent me a few pages to indicate it existed) for a fully finished Star Game set. Owy (my mistress) and I spent two weeks in my garage working on the set, with me teaching Owy how to paint the cubes and how the game worked. Finally completed after a fortnight’s dedicated love and labour, I organized the game to be sent to Elaine. So full of promise that her Word might mean more because it came from ONA than mere mortals, I trusted the return to be reciprocated. To my displeasure and sadness, I never heard from Elaine again and it greatly hampered my enthusiasm to build a barter system for THEM;- as well as broke something inside me, something naive perhaps, that never fully recovered. I became much harder, and have not been foolish enough to enter any bargain without adequate safeguards, such as the Other sending their part of the agreement, first. [I have since regained some desire for the establishment of a barter system within the Sinisterion or at least within THEM and created a new currency for THEM by way of its publications, passing signed copies to members that they can sell should they need a decent amount of cash quickly.]

Unperturbed but wiser, We created a new set, with the addition of the Advanced boards and I practiced using it for more than a year, learning many mathematical problems with the Star Game in the process, such as the easiest way to win first if you start first (which my electronic conspirator Meq would also later discover) and a number of fascinating things about the Game such as the neat way exactly nine tetrahedrons formed a single Star Board.

9tetra grey in sgboard shape

As with all of my prodigious energies relating to my involvement and interest in the ONA – everything I did was geared at just one thing, Expansion. I was working to make the ONA better, more accessible, adding to its wealth of esoteric lore, spreading its Wyrd far and wide, preserving it in archives for others to find then and even now in the future, ensuring that the ideologies of the Order were updated [Such as writing out by hand the lengthy text on Vindex: Destiny of the West or carefully editing all 800 odd pages of the Deofel Quintet to restore it to a former or at least readable glory and other such laborious odysseys.] I revised these aspects either through experience or by sharing experience and findings in other aspects of the Sinister or other magical and mundane systems in which I had any involvement that could translate. To this end I had always desired to create physical templates or sets that others could use to learn the game, develop abstract skills, and buy inexpensively. This would ensure the Star Game would survive, pass through many more minds, and, as ONA hoped, take it toward the steps of the much desired playable electronic game I would later pioneer* on its way to the even more highly anticipated state of bio-feedback loops. Or in laymans terms, toward the virtual Star Game. But first it had to become known, popular and develop into something more than it was.

(*Credit must be offered to NL who I understand also attempted to create a playable game for the Order -unfortunately without success). 

Somewhere in the labyrinth of all of this I was communicating with Dark Logos of ONA who had instructed me to learn and design a playable Star Game for the ONA:

2) If possible – and either before or after the Internal Adept Rite – become proficient in a computer language (such as C++ or Python) and write a GUI Open Source computer program (preferably for Unix/Linux that can be ported to Windows) that will represent both the simple and the advanced form of the Star Game in 3-D form” – DarkLogos

which is how I learned of the futurist stages the ONA intended to take the SG through. But of help there was none, DL was unable to explain or solve continued system problems I was having with pyOpenGL and the idea of then learning Debian and/or Linux seemed too far beyond the pale – in effect, I felt that the ONA should stop being so lazy and do it themselves. This was not the first or last time I would be surprised that the ONA outsourced such tasks, and wondered why such elites hadn’t completed such projects themselves. I had in the course of my involvement with ONA seen the changing tides of gratitude afforded to contributors over the years, seen even Richard denigrated and shamed, much to my surprise and anger – [though of course it must be remembered that when I was in my purist mode of worship of ONA I sought to honour this disregard of Moult's legacy, go along with these changes and created the 119yf edition of the Black Book of Satan which omitted Caelethi and CB's contributions -  sorry Richard.] Then of course later I would see ONA use Richard’s artworks shamelessly, and strangely, since he had become an outcast who ONA openly disdained. Christos Beest and the ONA More about Moult and the ONA This fairweather treatment of ONA’s single greatest Artist who was scorned but whose works were still used, made me wary. Truth be told, it was about this point where I began to diverge from my purist phase – in his role as ‘Eusebius’ – Beest had taught me a tremendous deal about many things, Self-Honesty, Vision, Self-Trust, imbued me with the most intense resilience confidence and awe – but most of all he led me back to myself. When I told him I was going to follow the way to the Letter and needed advice on how to get a number of rare and outlandish items, he told me it didn’t matter that the Path was followed to the letter, very few had done it, and it simply wasn’t necessary – what mattered was blood and soil and to earth such energies and passions in my own way in my own locale – viz, Australia.  I felt and still feel a very strong loyalty to him and his choices which I sought to elegantly combine/marry by encouraging the project of Emanations – there is something about the man that is Other-worldly. No doubt AL was furious when he lost CB and lashed out because CB was the force that brought ONA to life – from stuffy mathematics and long-winded diatribes on black and white paper, to sensuous vistas of music and art. I adamantly believe, No current survives without such genius, and certainly not for long, without the lifeblood of artists. Hitler had Speer, AL had CB. Had…

Given these observations my enthusiasm expressed via my purist vigour to retain faith and respect in the representatives of ONA and indeed the cult itself, had definitely begun to wane –  a newer colder more detached and careful man would I be, not in a rush to bury myself with thankless tasks to someday have traded my life for similar repugnant scorn.  But I still felt there was a future for the game so I kept an eye out and continued trying to create it – however I could. Irrespective of any growing blood feuds between myself, ONA and the oncoming WSA I saw the value in being introduced to the doorway of the same abstract magical skills that I had through the Game.

Watchful for opportunities, just as I was in noting all the artists who came into my sphere and trying to encourage them to create a new Sinister Tarot to replace the rather unlikely Naos Tarot (In all, I had serious discussions with about 16 artists, all technically better artists than myself (in my opinion) about creating such a replacement but none of them were able to complete the project because of the scale, personal dislike for ONA, unfamiliarity with ONA or other salient reasons including the ONA’s legendary rudeness which often quashed efforts in all expansions of its creative endeavours and which transferred into my own efforts to expand the Tradition by having to console insulted craftsmen.). To start with, I kept an eye out for game programmers, sent the Star Game concept into a few universities, circulated it on game making sites and dropped hints about it to 3d software developers. But this was not a language I understood, I was out of my depth when it came to electronically building the damn thing. Spurred on against these odds to understand a new language, as was befitting of the new type of human I felt I was supposed to be becoming, I dedicated a year to learning about 3d models, OpenGL, and other game related skills. I attempted to make the Star Game using lesser game crafting systems, but the complexity of the alchemy of the pieces would not translate in any of them.

After serving only to boggle my head with an unfriendly onslaught of terminology to which my brain does not apparently lend itself with either grace or intuition – I realized about then that I had given it my best shot trying to encourage the game’s growth and development, the concept of which had to often be disguised because of how many people were immediately turned off by the ONA or the idea of helping Satanists. And since nothing had come of it via that angle – and no advancement had been made in development due to being unable to interest prospective developers – I knew I would have to try something different.  I had realized by and by the importance of other people’s skills and that, just because I was unable to appropriately execute a task or project, I could possibly get it done by involving others. (Consider the Temple of THEM for instance, once a one man job, now an eight person army.)

I set about learning about 3d modelling programs and encountered a free one called Blender. Then, adopting a moniker and sporting a camouflaged version of the Star Game, I scoured the net for an individual who might teach me more and discovered a fellow who was already making spectacular 3d games. I infiltrated him slowly as Edward Laden, and spoke to him about the ACG, the Alchemical Chess Game, since it was my considerable experience by now that most people ran like hell when you mentioned Satanism or ONA. With my new friend I would attempt to learn to make basic shapes in PyopenGL having learned that it would not be difficult to complete the project I had suggested and that he would help me. However, it was not to be, I still have in archive hundreds of pages of emails regarding our often baffling discussions of the physics of the GL system and all of the ideas I wanted to implement but for whatever reason, me being inept, being unfamiliar, software incompatibility or just plain dumb unlucky, I was unable to work out how to use pyOpenGL which would not do any of the things Ian instructed me to type in and try.

Parallel in the course of my fumbling to use OpenGL, through many months of reading manuals and blinding frustration I finally created the first 3D model of the Star or Advanced Star Game ever made on a program called blender whereupon I uploaded all my notes, a greatly simplified guide to enable users to move the cubes in Blender, and the Blender file itself to the existing ONA forum at yahoo.  I had hoped that even in the face of my failure to be able to use PyopenGL to have had inspired Ian enough to want to take on the project himself. The 3D model was the easiest and compensatory way to illustrate the concept of the Game visually without involving the association I had with the ONA’s Star Game. To this day Ian has no idea what he was really being asked to collaborate on.

nopkg_resources[1] [One of the baffling errors that kept re-occuring in my PyopenGL attempts]

I was, despite being unfamiliar with the particular language of Python et al – no stranger to creating games. I had created several board games in my life either for fun or as school projects, also played intense years of D&D types games with insane devotion causing me to create giant maps that took up walls of detailed worlds and equally detailed bios of everyone and everything in them, not only in one system but three.  My ability to persevere with lengthy tasks was an early gift.  But I had also grown up creating and dissecting the games on my Commodore 64 computer which I was lucky enough to win at ten years old (a then $3000 computer) through a Quik drink competition. Having grown up in an isolated town in New Zealand, when I wasn’t exploring the countryside, fishing, rafting or breaking into the school I would be on my computer. Many of the games back then (the designers of which now form the backbone of huge existing game companies) were rudimentary – one called Shifting Sands was one of those games without graphics that required the player to type what they were doing, picking up, or direction they were choosing. It was intensely difficult. Many of those types of games were. I learned through trial and error that it was possible to list the program code for some of these games. And that in doing that, the key terms needed to bypass certain points were revealed. I learned the very basics of IF, THEN, and GOTO and began designing my own games of that format, one which was hundreds of locations in length and saw the player collecting coloured jellybeans. It was very basic, but I would encounter other ‘games’ that allowed you to tinker with the sprites, pixels, clipping, sounds, and such and these introduced me to the backstage concepts behind games. Though my C64 was limited, my understanding of what was required to make a game, make a good game, the very basic things that were a game, were very solid – the only obstacle in my way was that translating ideas into code sometimes required very sophisticated instructions and languages to achieve (and as time went by the importance and elegance of a good graphical user interface became paramount – one that used symbols not text in keeping with the theme of the Game’s design) and these previous experiences with gaming would come into play in my conceptual sketches of my vision for the electronic Star Game. 

I would also do what I could to create practical usable ideas and templates for others who DID have the skills I lacked or did not have the nous or time to learn. In the hope that they might be able to use those ideas as foundations and have already solved problems and applied practical considerations ready for them. Frustrated however by my lack of success either in self developing the game or hand-balling it to or inspiring my game mentor and with no progress evolving, I slowly dissolved the relationship with Ian and looked for an alternative.

ACG 3d gridmesh[Exercise in trying to understand the different dimensional qualities of 3d space]

ACG planetary map[One of the many Prototype screens to convey information effortlessly and intuitively about the pieces and boards in play using as much symbolism and as least direct text as possible.]

GUI #5 reorganized [The Main GUI design (redesigned several times) to use intuitive use of the symbology of the Star Game for the player to select various layouts, zoom in or out, open various screens, examine various boards, and see important information about the state of play and to do it effortlessly.]

ASG3dscreencapture [The first ever 3D model of the ONA’s Advanced Star Game created by myself as Edward Laden (ref to then popular Bin Laden / and mythical Aladdin viz. E Ladden ) The model is shown complete with sets of 3d cubes with extruded imprints used to create the alchemical symbols. The creation of the model in a physical format in fact reveals several interesting phenomena, one of which is that the top-down view of the boards forms a septagram… The others, I leave to intrepid explorers to discover. 

[Developers/The Curious please note - The Blender file can be acquired from the Temple.  Wordpress does not support its file type as a download.]

Since I am and always have been a nice guy who cares a great deal about the integrity and future of the Sinister, the people who comprise it (The Sinisterion) and the advancement of tools and information within the Tradition of the ONA – despite appearances at time (appearances which only fools would trust)  my longevity in ensuring future initiates have access to genuine magical and sinister tools and knowledge (and not just within the ONA paradigm) should signal my genuine intentions and dedication to what I say I do quite loudly by now. On that note, I have uploaded the Star Game Instruction Booklet that accompanied the most recent physical ASG 2011 model and may help clarify and aid those attempting to learn the Star Game with my unique approach to its geometry and a detailed break-down of all its elements. You’re welcome.

Download: [8mb]  Star Game Kit Instruction Booklet

Smmd:  With pyOpenGL being a no go no matter how many times I installed it or what I read about it – the means to resolve my difficulties remained hieroglyphic. Years later, as new technologies became available, I created a mini version of the star game for portable travel released through Gamecrafter. The difficulty was in ensuring the 1 x 1 cubes that were all that Gamecrafter supplied, would fit a given template uploaded. Luckily through trial and error I was able to figure it out and released the mini game onto the market. It sold approx 12 sets before Gamecrafter updated its system software causing all of my hard-work to be destroyed, wiping and corrupting my data. I had lost a number of key illustrations after loading the schemata into Gamecrafter and was thus loathe to try and restore it due to the difficulty I had already endured to release the game in the first place. I still have one set of the mini version, its very cute, but also, I hope that it was bought by at least a few would-be Internal Adepts looking for a sweet compact kit to take out bush where space for food in the bag is at a premium.

backshot b Gameshot B TWP

Issued in 2008, the set showcased the Advanced Layout in a horizontal fashion, with expectation on the Adept to mentally arrange the tiers vertically in their mind. There were discussions with Owy whether to add perspective pylons that indicated the rising nature of the tiers, but in the end we felt that if initiates were going to learn abstraction, then they should be enabled to learn it correctly without too many expected visual cues. This set contained the small unmarked cubes (wooden) which were unfortunately just too small to form a serviceable game for anyone but those wishing to have a super-compact version. Due to learning and playing the game I had understood the need for several additions to aid a) players whose minds were easily so absorbed in the Game as to forget agreed upon rules. To wit there were developed rule cards of active rules that could be displayed by each player so there was less chance of transgressions during play and also act as helpful reminders of potential strategy correlating to play within those rules. and b) newcomers to the esoteric use of the ASG, who were offered a set of planetary sphere cards with the respective attributions to enable a step toward beginning to use the boards as a means of abstract black magical sympathy.

Two years later, not satisfied with the small size of the cubes I sourced a rare printer who did large cardboard templates, wooden cubes from an educational source, and re-imagined a new version which was mammoth in size and much more appropriate to the needs of those seeking to learn the Game. The co-ordinates required to play long-distance were able to be installed on the boards which were much more spacious than their 2008 counterpart.

[The Design elements, i.e. Star System Templates were also able to be more detailed and created an absolutely beautiful looking Game oozing the requisite Atmosphere. Here are Two of the Boards compared in scale with a Compact Disc. To ship the game overseas to the few buyers quick and lucky enough to be able to afford this luxury item cost approx $130 in postage alone due to the weight of the pieces, the heavy boards, and the sheer length. This was one of the unforeseen factors that caused the project to be abandoned.]

Star Boards Mk2 ASG 2011

[Here are the Star System Templates of all Seven ASG 2011 Boards.]

[A lot of consideration had to be given to the 2011 model, some of which was using matte rather than glossy cardboard finishes to prevent light from obscuring sight of the pieces. THEM stylized the Game further by adding its own signature piece on a red cube marked with the Temple symbol and various symbols indicating 1-3 to act as a tracking device of 3 turns that each player could activate to keep track of how long another player had been on Naos or Mira if the 3 turn rule had been activated.]

[A stunning looking set that finally completed a lengthy dream of a fully playable, long-distance enabled, accessible edition of Anton Long's genius invention, the Star Game. Finally earthed some ten years after I was first struck by it.]

[The 2011 Model ASG (left) compared in scale with the 2008 Mini ASG (right). Both blocks and boards can be compared. Note also the room for co-ordinates on the 2011 edition. To create the ASG 2011 required sourcing a large-scale printer, a source of wooden blocks, photoshop, microsoft paint, tins of model paint: 3 types of metallic, red, white and black, tiny brushes that don't fray, turpentine,  and a hell of a lot of patience. The results and efforts of my experience with the Star Game paradigm should speak for themselves.]

One final thing about the ASG 2011 that is not readily apparent should be mentioned here. One of the other important improvements to the ASG 2011 was the cardboard on which it was designed. Purists, if they were so inclined, could easily cut out the respective Advanced Tiers and trim the remaining (Basic) boards down to size, so that the cut-out templates could, using various clips and light pylons, be arranged vertically as per the classical game.  Ultimately, I think it makes no difference whether the boards are tiered vertically or represented spatially vertically horizontally flat – because the principles of the Star Game are abstraction, simulteity, magickal sympathy and representation; Suitable mental effort can hold the boards in the mind in any formation desired using abstract keys just as appropriate concentration on the Atu’s of the Sinister Tarot can bring the images to life using devoted imagination.


There was during these developments by myself a lot of talk by others of an electronic version of the Star Game – but little action. Just as there was lots of talk about the Naos Deck, but here I am, still, waiting for a replacement even for that. I even stepped in last year to encourage Richard Moult to sanction a fuller set of his paintings to help force some new and better incarnation of a Sinister Tarot in the way of Emanations – but for such an apparently ‘easy’ task, it has not been replicated in more than a decade and references to it as one of the first steps of a Neophyte are coyly dodged – why? Because it’s fucking hard and only a very few can do what they say they’re going to do. Perhaps ONA’s current draws few artists and mostly uncreative warriors. Perhaps that will be its ultimate downfall.  It was exasperating that when opportunities did on occasion present themselves of development of … well anything really, for the ONA – they had a terrible habit of being arrogant and dismissive, often infuriating or insulting the very persons who could enable them to earth a better Tarot, Book Label, and Star Game. I was trying to help them replace my stand-in efforts as a kid but they haven’t made it easy.

In the last two years, a guy named Meq with the necessary skills to actually build and execute the Star Game was making inroads but received little to no support from the Order. Financial gain was not forthcoming to help develop the Game and perhaps principally because of these breakdowns in reciprocation he rejected the request by ONA to make his code available, setting their aims toward the bio-feedback version, back yet again. I convinced Meq to continue with the game and offered as much encouragement as I could – providing him with the transcripts of my discussions with Ian and my various conceptual interfaces and ideas including instructions on how it is played.

Meq’s Electronic Playable Version of the Basic Star Game

This small amount of encouragement to keep going, and Meq’s own determination, fire and computer-based skills resulted in the first playable edition of the Basic Star Game – some forty years after it was created by AL of the ONA. Essentially, the Star Game has a long way to go, both in being picked up as popular or worthwhile development by mainstream society or by those who possess the skill to take it to the next level and create an Advanced version with perhaps the inclusion of such suggestions as AI, a Graphical User Interface that uses abstract symbolism rather than text to get and keep the brain in the right space, and even the desired (by me) whirling accurate depiction of the requisite Star Systems enclosing the game to teach consciously and unconsciously the particular layout and aesthetics of the celestial heaven… But such exhortations to bring the game to this next level, and indeed even its next, may have to come from others. I have done a sizeable chunk of the legwork but it’s time to pass the torch – (if anyone is there to take it) because my energies have long been focused on other projects also in need of some rare one who gets things Done whether those things are visible, or not. Appreciated, or not.

Formerly RA,

now Hollow.

Further Reading on the Invention of Anton Long’s Star Game


See more Images of the ASG 2012

Black Glyph Society: History and Mission Statement

The Black Glyph Society takes its name from the concept of a `Glyph’ – said to be a stone or object within which memories, information or knowledge can be indefinitely stored and held until such time the glyph is accessed; and `black’ owing to its left-hand path bent.

The Society was formed in 2003 by the Temple of THEM as a means to archive, preserve and share black magical lore between members of the Sinisterion by creating a tradition of inter-generational storage that would serve not just present members but those who come well after us.

In November 2012, ownership of the Society passed to Typhon Draconis, who strives to maintain and expand the offerings and service those who use our services have come, rightfully, to expect.

Through various means including word-of-mouth, mail, email, website, forum and direct tutoring the Society made available numerous rare and often unpublished works by various satanic and sinister organizations whose philosophies least reflected a nazarene/judaic style infusion and influence. Such groups included the Order of Nine Angles, the White Order of Thule, The House Ruin Sect, Order of Saturn, Ordo Sinistra Vivendi, Order of the Left Hand Path, The Temple of THEM, the Tempel ov Blood and various other groups who were working or had worked toward a Pan-European Resurgence. The collection of texts was kept especially for Dark Initiates who showed more than a casual interest in the Dark Arts.

Since its inception in 2003, TBGS’s resources have grown exponentially as other Initiates have donated to it other works of present and latter day magicians but the focus on purity has kept the library relatively small in comparison to the troves of material available on the occult. This specialist material, much of it from the Order of Nine Angles and THEM is held by the Society to be of profound use to the Dark Arts and thus an effort to preserve and maintain the texts held therein has resulted in many different websites where this information has been held for others to access throughout the years. Concentrated efforts to preserve Naos, the Black Books of Satan, the Deofel Quintet and to enhance the repertoire of the ONA/THEM via unique addition such as Liber Dabih the Collected Works of David Myatt, *C*R*U*X* an amalgamation of the older Naos texts with the Sorcery of THEM, the Star Game texts, Oto Anorha, Diaries of a Devilworshipper and the Sorcery of THEM have ensured these texts remain accessible and available in high-quality hardbound print. The foremost world archive of ONA ephemera, the BGS seeks to maintain and expand the library of works available to the Sinisterion.

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The Society is still quietly active, and still serving the Satanic/Sinister community.

On Physical Temples and Building a Compound

On Building a Compound


[This was my response to the question posed by XE / OA22 on the benefits of building a physical Temple to THEM within Australia on 4th July 2007. As this issue has re-arisen I have re-affirmed my opinion on this matter with amendments where necessary.]






Many groups and cults have sought to isolate themselves from the world by building a commune or compound to achieve the task of solitude. Isolation is sought for many reasons but most common of which is control.


How do so many perceive the world around them? Some, very rare individuals and groups remain blissfully ignorant of the daily onslaught of propaganda – but most people, and especially those THEM can expect to deal with – are influenced to a considerable degree through media.


Newspapers, TV, Emails, the Internet, Books, Pamphlets, Advertising, Billboards, Signs, Shop fronts, Logos, Symbols, T-Shirts, CD’s, Food Products all carry messages; alternate messages to what most cults, whose dialectic and purpose is often extremely narrow-minded (due to being an operation of and for an ego) want their members to see, hear, or be influenced by.


This reaction to screen media by isolating a person from the full quantity of concepts/sensations to be processed and available to immediate perception is never a humanitarian drive to save people from unsavoury influences – never an unselfish act to protect people from harmful influences – but a reaction that stems largely from an individuals (usually the ego doing the enshrining via a cult following) desperation to save themselves, or more accurately, to preserve both the particular geometry that makes-up, and the geometry that is important to – the ego in charge of the operation.


As members of THEM you are all highly fluent in the machinations of building maintaining and operating a cult or temple. But my concern is not to re-relate these machinations but to itemize some of them to make a point. I will be extremely brief in going over the processes to familiarize you with key points for the summary of this essay.


The inherent weakness of the ego is in its narrow-mindedness and its extreme fragility. Many gurus seek to separate people from influences that would interfere in the brain-washing (literally washing the brain with the same waves/frequency/habits/repetitions aurally/sonically/physically/psychically etc. day after day) they inculcate upon them which would lessen the chance of complete acceptance by the person of the cult and its values – and thus weaken total control over that person. This fear of lack of control is among one of the characteristics of an operation by the ego. The cultist ruled by ego is unable to face the prospect of their desire to impose control being challenged by other influences, by the totality of the world and its currents also each seeking control in a fashion over a person, and so seeks to squirrel away its members in an isolated place where they can be kept and tended to like livestock without being challenged.

The loss of new and divergent media gradually breaks a person’s resistance to programming down, creates restrictions that limit action and word to the detriment of self-preservation, and may even make them completely obedient to the cult. Books, and the deep devotion people spend absorbing their contents work on a similar albeit minor type of level – whereupon if one book grabs you, it is a short step to purchasing the entire available collection to immerse yourself further. We all know how this is done so we will require no details, nor further details from this form. You may skip to the next section unless my thoughts on cultism interest you.


A cult’s cosmology or philosophy if you like is often as fragile in logic as the ego controlling its emission. That is the very reason why the form arises: as a carrier. The ego is simple, idiotically so, in its aim – which is always control. Control being related to power. But control shares a ratio with hard work if you don’t start the process with any power. The ego wants to go from A to A. But it can’t usually do that – suffering from an inferiority complex is the reason many egos create a cult – as an exoteric monument to their inner exasperation and madness. Getting from A to B to C, to D is all hard work that will be resented because the ego only wants to get to A. But to build a cult some kind of form is needed to carry the essential tools of the cult – one set being narrative, the other set being those related to persuasion. You also need to standard set of accoutrements that go along with creating a form to entice others toward you; you need a catchy name, a catchy purpose, laws and regulations or a code of conduct, a place to gather, and the innate ability to make others feel special/unique.


For the temperament of a follower the energy required for these lengthy processes of manipulation is out of bounds – but this level of energy is all is too easy for a charismatic leader ruled by the thermonuclear energy of the ego.


Once you have everyone feeling special and unique – and this is important – devoted to the leader who feeds their ego what it wants to hear – you have successfully plied the collective ego of the cult with enough delusion to act freely without the necessity of yourself having to maintain and sustain the façade of whatever form you built. The form will then stand alone and requires no further decoration or construction – it is a finished monument of automatic worship. One can then largely abandon the speeches, songs, and celebratory projection of the Coming, or stories of the Great UFO Journey, or the Age of Aquarius to your followers – who will happily carry on the delusion (without batteries required) in your name, for your name, while you snort cocaine off the wet fucked buttocks of the latest male or female conquest to join your group. With a practical carte blanche to act as you please, the cult is a success. Congratulations – you’ve built yet another stale mediocre shrine to the carnal immaturity and lack of imagination so common of the ego and created the greatest most seductive trap of many a would-be satanic magician. A dead end.


This creation is the epitome of selfishness at the cycle of expense of other human beings; a form that has filtered down in stunted maturity to parody the practices of the Church ingrained in so many. A form so much a part of us we are rarely conscious it exists – but act as parrots of the Church in repeating this process ad infinitum in nearly everything we do.






The original plan (c.2003) was to make enough money via infiltrating the good books of publishing houses with our works, and to pool our funds from our respective ‘jobs’ to purchase land and a house somewhere isolated and near the bush in Australia to begin ‘re-enacting’ the literary cult of the ONA. Some speculative persons have perceived this reaction to ONA to be the point of the ONA, all along.


As time has gone by, and we have discussed, this would be an action that would not just set us and THEM back considerably, but the Sinister itself.


In creating a physical representation of the Order’s cultus – wherein we train others to chant, perform group rituals, induct others into the Sinister, and congregate to wear black cloaks under a moonless night, not only are we creating a self-contained and limited expression of Life but we are once again, like so many of our peers, enshrining Human-Centered Geometry and setting up the conditions for failure. Enacting once again, the schema of the Church and its hierarchical madness of degrees, and laws, and rules and restrictions – when as we all know, Form is not restricted to this myopic use. To live the literary cultus would be both foolhardy and dangerous.


Firstly because as I have said it would reaffirm the use of forms by the Magian as a Sinister practice, i.e. reaffirm that the magian have dictated how this war is going to play out, that the Sinister are defeated in their ingenuity to get around these entrapments, and as a final insult let the Sinister design their traps for them! MAGIC must be freed from its imprisonment in form – the magician must remember what came before crystallization.


The idyll of such a cult sounds great on paper – but we each know the difference between paper and projection. If not a Satanic Compound we should become an Esoteric School and what can come of that practice and focus of infinitesimal little forms and practices endlessly divided into categories, concepts and constructs, all packaged tightly and neatly into colours, shapes and sizes – but a dire regression to the Occult? Wherein do passwords, secret meetings, identification, security cameras and systems, patrolling dogs, armed watchers, spies, informants, drugs, sex, paranoia, suspicion, squabbling, bitching, boasting, worshipping acolytes; a cycle of repetition and living trapped within the crystals, within the Narrative created for us, to explain us and charitably provided for us to explain ourselves to them, by the Magian, work for US? At one time, in one form or another, perhaps. But now?


Moreover, to seek to isolate people within one or even a handful of forms is to repeat the Magian program. We do not want people to run from the world, nor hide from the world dressed in black cloaks exalting the Dark Gods through thinly-disguised prayer!

But to face it in all its terrifying glory. On all its wonderful levels. Ours is not a group that fears the challenge of the Magian’s presses or its media – let others read what they will, let them be influenced, just let them see influence. We ask only that they read also our studies on the context of such presses, their design, purpose and relativity.


We will never achieve disconnected consciousness while we trot out the same tired clichés the magian has been pinning us under for years. In such uniforms, with such footsteps, repeating those words, we resemble only our enemy’s fantasy and enact our enemies sympathetic magic over which their grasp of the form of Satanism is extreme. We’re not dolls XE; we don’t dance to the puppet-masters tunes. We faced the Abyss together and saw what/that it lies beneath. We have a duty to preserve that terror and beauty, honestly and accurately. And what is accurate is beyond the clumsy and sloppy measurements the world fumbles with for its current interpretations, especially where language and passage are concerned. What is accurate is beyond the walls of any Temple or Order however grand its oak-panels and altars – beyond the rudimentary inversing of what they lay before us.


From altering perception to releasing consciousness from the skull; dissolving forms in acid and vitriol and seeing the connexion between the universes parallel; how the macrocosm is the microcosm is the macrocosm is the other and the same; how the stars above are the cells within in one hideous-for-now loop; perceiving and understanding the extent and danger of the magian, knowing how to destroy them once and for all.


These things cannot be taught by enshrining ourselves within walls, or by limiting the world for others through the re-enactment of a cultus – however pagan. What we do and what we know can not be bound by walls or captured in ritual; especially the rituals of others; it is living and lives beneath, behind, and beyond. It is a drawing down of something yet to be familiar to our time, but which will one day be. The best way to see it is to SEE it. And isolation from the fullness of the world and from the fullness of perception to pursue an idyllic satanic fantasy will render the chance of genuine perception null. All factors, all facets, all dragons of the Magian must be accessible; those within, those without and those between. The enemy and its movements/monuments must be studied; not hidden from sight and mind. Meditated upon, embraced and dissected, not mediated through indirect experience and hearsay. The Sinisterion must remain aware and cogent of the factors streaming from the magian Wyrd, see and recognize the outer forms of the tools being used and the esoteric context and motive behind them, and if not the factors from the magian then from the rivers that run beneath synchronicity. The Sinisterion should be able to see freely what is influencing others, what they are reading, seeing, hearing, observe the media they are being controlled with and identify how and by whom, break down the concepts being introduced and played out; so they may, if necessary, formulate appropriate “counter”-measures. Wherein “counter” does not mean to respond in kind inversely – but to attack and weaken both the effectiveness of the original measure, counter-measure and any kind of measure.


But you cannot hope to Gather while Solidarity remains in tatters.


That is why the Temple of THEM operates the way it does; it works outside of the magian’s magic, outside of their illusions, whilst using their technology against them. It doesn’t repeat the same tired cycle of giving someone a spell-book and new cosmology to study and work through, filling their heads with mountains of semantic and categorical information perchance that with enough of it they can become some awesome occult mage with supernatural powers – because the powers described are usually non-existent, fantasy, or described in magian forms using magian language – the wet dream of failures who dared not return without something to show for all the time they spent on demonic worship. You can dabble with your incense and say whatever you like during ritual after ritual – while the magian’s forms bear down upon the world relentlessly and religiously despite your best efforts.

So many just waste their time muttering incantations and worry about burning the right coloured candles – in painful ignorance of the true scope of the enemy of Satanism.


Meanwhile the world grinds them down into dust; they get older and get treated the way the magian wants people of our age to be treated; predetermining the trends and attitudes toward the various sectors and stages they artificially dictate with arbitrary fashions and fads where once tradition and initiation lead the wise way. Their poisonous deafening cacophony of sickening magic controls our destiny by controlling perception, and our chance to break ourselves and others free of it. The short and sweet of it is this: teenagers (quite a new marketing based term, 200 years ago childhood didn’t exist) are the most likely demographic you will encounter looking into Satanism. If they’re dissatisfied, and they usually are, they’re going to look for the “darkest” books, the most “satanic” groups to join, and they’re all going to be missing the entire fucking point (and weapons being used) of this War.


What’s the first thing people do when an animal at the zoo is born? They give it a name. They give Everything names – once the name is attached, culture takes over. We all know the difference between the named and the nameless, wordless, ecstasy. Wherein magic has no name and no form – no causality. It is an operation with laws unto itself as is the supernatural wherein what occurs usually occurs without a known or knowable name. Once it has a name, then its controllable – attachable – alterable – arguable… a form, with counter-forms, that slots neatly into pre-prepared categories for forms which are already given their moral context by other categories, over-simplification, arrogance, and the basic and ever-limiting restrictions of the human language to define/refine something.


Thus Lucifer has changed so many times over the centuries because of his naming, a victim of endless subsequent attachments and become an ineffectual idol thrown to the anti-Christians to paw at who perform the Churches work anyway.


Then of course we can witness those glimmers of US – in those who tried to move away from the stereotypical Satan and Lucifer but who failed nonetheless because they underestimated the scope of the problem – which is that most just fall right back into another form with all the right words in all the right places so harmoniously that they become seamless conspirators with the magian empire.


THEM cannot do that. Nor can we seek to buy castles like the IOT to practice sorcery and repeat the performance of past magical acolytes. Nor can we bind together under a symbol or word or flag or standard or banner. Nothing causal fits, nothing symbolic works, but the concept of a numinous symbol beyond representation to represent potential – and which in the causal is void. We are causally separated in time and space and yet unified under the same concepts – a collective growth of consciousness appearing in a large concentration at a time when perception is mature enough to begin consciously embracing it. This is a phenomenon happening beyond the confines of a Church or any two-bit resemblance to one, beyond any one culture or set of beliefs, and despite the best efforts of the Magian to contain it.


A curious elixir of cynicism and optimism in just the right doses and just the right places is re-invigorating the War and those fighting it. Our works are making their way into hardcover and thus lasting impressions via books right across the world. Thousands of people are reading, watching, relying on us because we are different, because we are unique, and because we say we are the voice of THEM that issues forth beyond the contrivances of the ego and in the inhuman utteral pitch and frequency of the Dark Gods.


Our Temple is in the acausal, in the potential; it is magic – it cannot be contained in physicality by us because it does not come from us, or just for us – and it cannot be torn down – it comes from a different place, a place where there are no buildings, no bombs, no way to erase its architecture or its persistent voice. It is the same collective impulse toward human solidarity that has always struggled for emergence but been denied its freedom to thrive. Whether fault lies in the ego, lack of context, or the clever machinations of the magian designed and re-designed to counter such threats to its dominion – I won’t speculate on in detail. But now this impulse has come to us – six magical self’s – at a time of remarkable collective synchronicity and has possibly been given its greatest chance yet.


We continue to influence, instruct and impart knowledge and insight that saves time, shatters illusions, and causes others to Remember ; to look deeper, further and more carefully into the worlds around them and the worlds between them. Any person can see for themselves what can be achieved when humans act together – see what is held together by an endless stream of cars every morning and night – and as our voices grow in unison the external architecture of THEM will make itself visible. As the prophetic ONA intuited – an individual has become individuals – individuals a group – a group many groups – and now we, the Sinisterion are very close to becoming a culture. Let’s not damage our good work, our collective work by regressing to using forms in the manner allowed, manner proscribed, manner dictated by the magian; nor to giving them everything they desire in defeat on a platter via convention and entrapment in their crystallizations by catering to classical human-centered geometries of worship – but to continue dissolving the illusions above ‘the great citadel’ that lies beneath.


Great patience is required now: we are only a few years in but with so much appearing to have been accomplished remember that we still have more than twenty-five years of our charter to go. As was once told me: “Recognize the narrative in which you find yourself and which influences us to make mistakes. Nurture awareness of the world ethos and act accordingly.”




This reply to a query by another member of THEM at that time were written in 2007 and published in 2009 in OA31. It’s now 2013 and we are now 7 years hence from THEM’s creation/Inception in 2006 – which Temple’s Aeonic Strategy to lay the foundation for a Sinister Illuminati will expire in 2036.

Our ideas have spread far and wide and united many. We have members across the world, across a very broad geographic and demographic base. True to our original premise we have attained reputation power and influence and most importantly, shared it.

THEM’s various forums, websites and publishing house are no longer centralized under myself but owned and run by other individuals. One in the USA. One in Germany. One in Italy.


This has been achieved by doing exactly what you insist is a sickness of social atomization (I.S.S, our sign-off = In Sinister Solidarity) with something of a twist. Whilst stripping others of culture, tradition etc and just leaving them there would lead to nihilism, despair and rich pickings for opportunists willing to fill the gaps – we have made a clan/culture out of deconstructing all of these things to the point where nothing stands, – is therefore equal – and we may therefore implement, enjoy and accept the Forms that we choose to treat as valid as a dynamic sorcery using the will, the ego and the self with equilibrium and understanding of the function of each with the full understanding that all forms are is means, and only ever temporary truths. 

Where Are WE Now?

(Message from Mvimaedivm Archives and originally addressed to the Sinisterion prior to Crystallization and Sinister Schism.)

Where are WE now?

With such an enormous body of work behind us, where, many paths we have taken have not been wrong, but have been scorned or dismissed by the ONA: which accordingly we have corrected to understand what they understand; and where, with many years of devoted perseverance and hard work we have, together, finally understood the reason behind the structure, the reason behind the secrecy, the reason behind the creation – of the Order of Nine Angles.

Some are pleased with this knowledge – and some are not. But that is the way of Forms: they always give way to others, by others arising to meet the challenges directly imposed at any given time which a form rooted firmly in another time often fails because it does not.

(The Order of Nine Angles appears to be altering itself to meet the new challenges.)

However, via the work of the Sinisterion, The Order of Nine Angles has now been irrevocably split into two modes of being, whereupon we are arguably at the single greatest turning point in the Order’s history – in terms for the potential for a rapid increase of Adepts. The first mode of being, is that mode of perception which does not perceive the ONA as a smaller piece of a greater context driven by a simple wish. I.e. those who are still within the Forms and Mythos of the ONA, struggling along the Seven-Fold Way toward this or another conclusion.

The second mode represent THEM, whom possess the greater context and are able to extract themselves from the Form and Mythos of the ONA to see what lies beyond and beneath it. I will not repeat myself in full here – a MS in OA#29 gave my reasons for the Order’s treatment at times of its subjects such as Crowley, Lovecraft, Runes etc… briefly: owing to its organic composition. But now it is time to understand the scorn as it relates to recent revelations of the Order and its purpose.

The scorn of these subjects pertains not to an objective announcement for magic; scorn and assertions that Lovecraft was deluded, scorn and assertions that Crowley was a charlatan who never attained Adeptship, scorn that the Runes are worth only the briefest of mention in Naos. Yet, sometimes, based on the trust the members of the Sinisterion endowed the ONA with, an evaluation of these subjects was based directly on the Order’s official opinion of it. When, what should have been kept in mind, at all times when studying the Order, (Had it been possible to know it in advance) was that the ONA served as a pretext for Myatt’s greater work and, while it no doubt provided him with untold experience, insight and understanding – at some point, was viewed by him, as he moved into a different mode, as another means to realize space exploration and fulfil what he saw as the destiny of the West. In such a context, it is understandable why such subjects were treated with disdain or poorly – since they had little to do with realizing his numinous dream, as he saw it. Unfortunately, this treatment has had some destructive effects on the ONA – and its adherents who have, sometimes, since dismissed such subjects summarily out of a sense of loyalty – and, misguided understanding. People, happy enough to let Long do their thinking for them…

ONA’s momentum and directions can be understood if one places it in its greater context – and moreover, we can understand from Myatt’s other works, why the ONA has been so secretive and so silent on many issues. It is possible that the MS pertaining to the treatment of Lovecraft and Crowley are not Myatt’s but someone else more informed and yes, more opinionated, regarding those gentlemen – just as THEM often times draws on the specialty expertise of others in its fold when certain elements come about that require explaining. Or, again, because their views contributed nothing useful in achieving Myatt’s aims – were disregarded. However, again, THEM are not ONA. We are an extension – and as such, we do not summarily dismiss Lovecraft or Crowley as charlatans or deluded: ONA could not have afforded to make such concessions during the time it was struggling to dominate a foothold (which became a stranglehold) on the occult through its Satanic channel – because it was designed specifically to counter-form. And, though many see the Order’s decisions on certain subjects as egoistic arrogance it should be remembered that it was such arrogance to hold fast to a form by the Church that gave way to Science, the ONA’s hold on its form that gave rise to THEM – but since THEM doesn’t hold a form, it is an interesting proposition where an evolution may lead us. Because, while it may be hard for some to accept, perfectly understandable for others, THEM is the end product resulting from Myatt’s ONA formula.

If the ONA had given Crowley his due the assertions that depended on Crowley being seen as deluded should not have allowed any room for the ONA’s unique development of its own concepts including a transfiguration of the Dark Gods and the intervention of the Acausal. So in that context, the ONA was right, could only exist, if it made the decisions it did. Nevertheless, it is many many years since such decisions were made, times have changed, THEM are born, and some of the stances held by ONA then, are not held by THEM now. As the Australian Nexion of the Order we represent Change: and, with the Order firmly placed in context, and others finally understanding Myatt and his Work, the future shape not just of THEM but also of the ONA is uncertain. Certainly, for a long time yet, the ONA will continue with its own directives. But when those directives are understood then the game completely changes. As per the operatives of an Adept, the ONA may be transformed accordingly to meet new challenges and discard certain outer trappings – and to a great extent – this Temple has striven to make those changes deemed necessary to take the Order further and to its natural conclusion, THEM.

The pressing question is not: where do we go from here, but do we go from here? Is Myatt’s dream of Space- Exploration feasible, now, and should it remain Our focus, or is there yet preparatory work to be done – to the human body and psyche which this Temple can explore, experiment with and expand upon?


For those who are not pleased about the Order’s face being revealed – that is understandable too. But We swore to give Australia a Sinister History and above all else, we are doing just that. The Order of Nine Angles, as it stood (yf/eh), and as it stands (fayen) is still a form of vital nourishment and importance teaching as it does the hard way to learn somewhat diluted from the occult, it is still a beautiful representation of Satan which overshadows all other representations prior to and after its event in its complexity, brilliance, and depth, it demands a long-term commitment, if not a life-long one to understand and work with and contains many dangers, many secrets, many insights and a great deal of Wisdom. But, there does come a time, when someone following it no longer requires the guidance of AL or the ONA’s forms to instruct them what to do next – because the ONA, unlike so many other so-called Satanic groups, actually does try to create persons who can see beyond it, not keep them trapped on an endless treadmill of occult ideas, hemmed in by some Master who is afraid of being surpassed.* And the context in which THEM came to understand the ONA has broken en masse, many away from the forms of the Order – indicating the emergence of such a thing as the `Thinking Warrior’, the outcome of which was ONA’s/Myatt’s aim all along.

With such an emergence, i.e. there are some suggestions that the current forms of ONA that led to such an arising – must now be taken into consideration – since it has achieved what it set out to do, that is must change to take those who understand it, further – but this is to misunderstand the nature of the Order itself.

The ONA, both its appearance, and its essence, is still needed to awaken a critical mass of people to the above, not intellectually, but to follow the Way themselves until they exhaust themselves in experience, or see it for what it really is. To say these things to someone just starting the ONA for instance, would either not be believed and be rejected outright – or, possibly, short-cut (for better or worse) the entire Septenary Way for them (for better or worse). In which case the secrecy and self-initiation requirements of THEM can be understood to deter certain psychological dispositions and attract others – and that the Temple caters for a certain degree of magician whom have already followed the ONA far enough not to break when confronted with these facts. And thus it is that THEM have become pioneers themselves, treading uncertain steps to develop what comes after (or perhaps before) the Sinister Way of the Order of Nine Angles. A most difficult position to be in – but one which must be assumed if we are to learn yet and make our way forward, without guidance, because our Form is a child of that way – in some ways we seek separation from our Parents – we must, otherwise we should not evolve – but we Love and respect our parents, and while we sometimes fight with them in order to assert our own identity, we are devoted to them, joined with them as a collective Clan and we mean well, for it is in our nature to honour Family.


What each individual must answer now, given the information and perception of THEM on the Order of Nine Angles is whether the ONA still serves a purpose in the old way of providing a path with various tasks and grades to follow upward – toward… Whether the ONA, having now achieved its purpose and created a culture of thinking warriors who can not only behold in the vision of the ONA, but in the vision of their own independence, can work for US, providing Myatt is still imbued with the task of master and entrusted to lead us further onward, Whether each person here requires a serious re-think, now given this new context of the ONA and THEM, of what is required to move forward and beyond the Order: with all the beautiful implements and weapons it has equipped us with; whilst the rest play catch up.

And only in supreme arrogance can I declare others catch-up, but from that point of view, it is necessary to continue teaching others in how to conduct Satanic Temples, how to fool and delude, manage and aspire, endure and evolve, test and be tested, and so on – taking others through the Septenary Way so they may bring others up to speed. At least, it was always considered necessary.

But of the other options?




Where are WE Now?


ISS, Temple of THEM

Directive A-1

Unfortunately, or rather as a result of, diffused consciousness that interferes with one’s causal ability to maintain a solid form to others; being known as a shape-shifter of some skill and of course, revealing the disarming secrets of one’s trade, carries with it the burden of implicit suspicious mistrust. Members have reported side-effects of our ‘Grand Science’ with members of their inner Sinisterion due to able demonstrations of Chameleonization openly – thus revealing how adept they are at controlling what people see and witness of them. This has lead to issues of instability, esp in magical relationships, where one may say the illusions of the causal are experienced withdrawn and the frightening (from their point of view) essence beyond projection revealed. Thus Emily no longer sees John, but a sinister grinning trickster, a dark, mysterious and cunning master of illusion who sends her projections back to her. This has the effect of causing people to be perpetually unsure whether a shifter is sincere or merely playing another role: An unavoidable Sinister Aspect of THEM’s Work.

[See Hel.]

An Introduction to the Arte of Deception

Please note that due to the complexity of this MSS other Works focusing on particular aspects of the Greater Whole by THEM may need to be consulted throughout.

 As an infiltrator (I prefer Wanderer) of many groups by many means to obtain the necessary information for me to piece together my puzzle – I have learned a formidable deal about the Arte of Deception (AOD). Herein I present a few of my Insights regarding the AOD.

 It should be understood by now that members of THEM each have differing opinions as to the techniques and the definition of the LHP and Black Magic – just as we do with Shape-Shifting. Just as members do not have a unitary agreement (But rather allow a convenient representation to present itself) of the nature of the Dark Ones, for instance, each of us expressing their own views – in Sinister Solidarity. Our interests in shape-shifting range from the mythology and magicology of the ancient practices of the Werewolf, invocation of the Dark Gods and the presencing of their energies via the human medium, physical metamorphosis via mastery over the cosmic egg, and the diffusion of consciousness into the acausal via a variety of advanced techniques, just to name a few. However, this Introduction will deal with nomenclature concerning some basic techniques of glamour, deception, misdirection, and protection vital to add to any foundation of fundamental skills in the development of the Arte of Deception as it relates to and concerns a specific nexion of the Temple of THEM.

 The hidden/occult/esoteric side of the Grand ‘Science’ of what is conveniently referred to as “Shape-Shifting” is generally misunderstood and greatly underestimated regarding the intricacy and complexity of its execution due to the actual underlying nature of deception (of which there are many esoteric secrets) – for if it is not “misunderstood or greatly underestimated” then it is a glamour incomplete. That is to say – if the seams of the geometry do not show – then how are they (the audience) to know there is a Deception at all? Sometimes it is best to act entirely invisibly – however, in presencing a form (or formulae, to be more accurate) such as there is something of a crucial arte in the Visible.

Some Preliminary Notes:

One way to think of form is the following. Imagine a dark room containing people who are standing still. A voice suggests to them that the room contains deep pits in the floor. It is thus predictable that for some of those people – the belief in pits will come into existence (as forms) and influence their behaviour accordingly. Whether or not the content is there is irrelevant. The illusion of authority (a Deceptor) and the power of suggestion are enough to make the pits real for some. Pending of course on the relationship of the voice of authority to the people in the dark room, an outcome can be predicted. But those variables are discussed in another MS. The Deceptor aims to gain the trust of those he wishes to deceive in order to deceive them more thoroughly and more easily, by understanding form and the tremendous influence its temporal nature has on humanity.

In general – a ‘form’ as apprehended by THEM is a causal temporal interstice, which is perceived to have specific, general and abstract properties by the human nexion pending their degree of consciousness.*/** For us, a ‘form’ is a convenient way of referring to any invention of human perception that results from the validated understanding or binding/restricting definition of interpretation within parameters of description, content, or value of the content of ones perception.

But a form is not merely a convenient way to describe objects considered physical or real. A form can be intangible too – it can be an Ideology, a Religion, A set of beliefs. A form can also be chemical, mathematical, geometrical, lyrical, literal, or musical. Forms arise from the stimulus received by the five senses or the rich tapestry of experience they saturate us with leaving us to ‘make sense’ of their presence; these may be considered raw forms exhibited by the cosmos and its being. But when these forms are subsequently interpreted by the human being causally such dimensional bias disables the means to see these exhibitions as they Are. Any instance in which a conclusion is made of ones perception by restricting stimulus into a manageable frame of reference so as to control or understand it (thus willfully extracting meaning and mentally separating its from its acausal component as a connexion to everything else) is to presence a form.

 From an Acausal viewpoint all Forms are considered perceptually limited/separated from their acausal component. And while essence remains imbued with the Acausal, appearance can only be experienced and seen causally, that is, from a limited, causal perception. In the context of the Adept who perceives the Acausal and the Causal, (as well as their own Nexion and Co-Nexion to both of these ‘dimensions’) all forms as manifested by human-beings regardless of their Time, Technology, Culture or Civilization (thus far) are artificial imprisonments of the acausal, a wishful projection by the current consciousness onto what THEM have called the ‘Black Clay’. (Qv. MSS In Sinister Solidarity.) And are representative of the markers that characterize the geometry of an Epoch.

 Essentially the Black Clay is that world we perceive via our consciousness either as an Adept or Non-Adept in its pure state – that is, the moment of crystallization that provokes the consciousness to exit/extrude its body and diffuse itself in the greater being when the human nexion becomes acutely aware of two pure instances of consciousness (there are more than two – but this divisive/unifying experience is one of the earliest of an Adept). One being the irresistible pull of what was hitherto felt as an isolated location of the consciousness inside the skull (human-centred geometry) – the other being awareness that there exists a unified collective ‘something’ external/ulterior to one’s pure point of consciousness – but of which it too, is a part. (life-centred geometry) (Qv. The Simultaneous Pulse, Mvim III). Suddenly, convenient abstractions to terminize a duality in space, i.e. an assertion of one’s position and the position of one’s emanations in relation to other phenomena – “Inside/Outside”, “Esoteric/Exoteric”, “Black/White” begins to quaver, then ominously vibrate, and shatter. Consciousness of one’s co-nexion with the Acausal, achieved.

 The Black Clay is an analogy for a blank slate onto which humanity draws conclusions – thus re-naming part of that blank slate with a temporal name, and thus form. The Black Clay is a unified connexion and experience of the Acausal and Causal that is broken down by causal consciousness into separate, abstract chunks of manageable context (a process made necessary for any human being without acausal awareness) and referred to both generally and specifically i.e. as time/space, or chemical, atomic, sub-atomic ‘matter’ that we can physically see, hear, touch, taste and smell. But as the experiments of Scientific analysis have thus far shown – the universe and its content cannot be separated into one set of singular/unified components on Any level – in fact it is a pointed comment to say that the very concept of Singular may very well be a causal-inspired myth. ‘It’ has proven to be multiple, even at the smallest level of causal perceptual isolation. Thus, the Black Clay represents a raw undefined state of perception, prior to human projection warping it from its complete context into bifurcations on the causal plane that are ‘understood’ ‘known’ or ‘made sense of’.

 It is this acausal purity that concerns THEM: however it be approached or its context sought to be made clear in causal terms and systems; from Physical-Based Sorcery, Seven-Fold Way Satanism, Form and Chaos, Buddhism, Aescetism, by members of whatever particular mode of thought and apprehension: the process has thus far seemed to be similar for all, indeed is a phenomena dangerously close to being called ‘Objective’. Such a process is what might be called a hyper-cubic inversion/expulsion of one’s own being: since one must effectively (and the following are simplistic abbreviations for caustic and complex systems of practice) “turn ones being inside out”, “die to oneself”, “expel the Self” and “dissolve the possession of Own”, to exhibit (co-join) with its Acausal source. But what has not yet been mentioned by the ONA – is whether the consciousness, diffused into the Acausal – can re-manifest/re-assemble itself – or, come back from the Abyss. This, I am inclined to believe is theoretically possible. But should such a Dark God return – it is impossible to know how to quantify it – all we can do thus far is speak of things outside of their duality, turn to new concepts of De-Abstracted Perception which is to place one’s perception of the world in an Acausal context – to be a student of Cliology. Much of what has been revealed via the ONA and attempted by its protégés has not yet had the time to mature, moreover, the distortion of magic has not decreased, if anything it has multiplied, with the magical sector still expecting magic to be physical – to be perceived by the five senses available to them. That is to say, that the abandonment of certain causal habits has not yet occurred and until it does, the means of Acausal Perception will not come.

 When anything is generalized in this bifurcation of the Black Clay – it becomes something and is perceived by the human consciousness as a temporal form borne of necessity and convenience. On the superficial level generalization is a convenient way to communicate – but it quickly becomes extremely uncomfortable and highly unstable if any serious analysis or depth is undertaken into it. People are aware of this even if on an unconscious level – but to make communication possible, this lazy standardization is accepted. Only specialists and sadomasochists concern themselves with the sticky philosophical problems of analysis of what the sky actually is, and in what context, and from whose point of view, on whose authority, and so on ad infinitum. Of course a convenient lack of depth requires that other generalizations are made – “grass” “green” “sky” “blue” all a natural part of human living. But, a downside to this laziness is that slowly one can begin to enmesh themselves in an artificial geometric prism of pre-supplied interpretations and meanings. This prism is segmented and catalogued and revised and relied upon – until one day one becomes completely trapped in a self-sufficient web of interpretation and can no longer perceive beyond the interpretation.

 Now, as far as THEM are concerned, this is where Form, as a self-sufficient and already explained library of catalogued phenomena that controls interpretation of reality via a pre-made set of labels and projections, opens up the wonderful world of counter-projections or ‘opposites’, that is to say a dynamic tension between points. Such counter-projections are as much an illusion as the projections in the first place – but are nevertheless powerfully vulnerable to exploitation by those with the awareness of the context of the enmeshment of beings trapping themselves in one, causal, plane.

 In the active sense: One can either work to un-mesh such beings – or enmesh them further. It is thus that the idea of geometry and the superimposition of it over the Matrix is useful for perceiving the world as a matrix containing all manner of shapes made of, say, light, which light is not real to the Acausal Perceptor and whose shape divests it secrets by revealing its inner structure, while the same shape is cloaked with projections, its essence hidden and covered with the ‘real’ by the Causal Perceptor. It might be useful to reveal here that THEM are in some sense still ‘Against Time’. This Resistance makes itself clear in the unconscious reference to such things as a ‘Sinister Matrix’ – which is a re-building of the context of the world to survive the causal effects of the psychic waste pooling in our Time. One simple contemporary example of this is the disturbing nature of advertisements and the enervating vibrations they deliver: one might even be convinced that the word of the aeon was in fact, “NOW”. Certainly, the word of the past and coming few decades.

 The content of the Temple MSS “UAE” may be useful to understand the limiting effects of causal perception and the following extract from Mvimaedivm II may on one level, be of use here to explain how dimensionally restricted perception limits an object’s essence:

 When one forms a view of an object one immediately limits its reality. Its reality is confined by these limitations, the object becomes slave to our perception and subsequently restricted in terms of what it is and isn’t, can and cannot be or do by a precise mode or model of laws and rules. While this doesn’t actually change the object, it changes everything else. When one sets in stone the conditions for an objects existence, the object is interpreted thusly by those conditions – yet these conditions are finite, not infinite, and use only a small section of the possibilities open to the object, by classifying it capable of only one or a few modes of existence according to a base of conceptions one has proceeded from. One projects error upon an object, because of relativity.

 Note however, that the writings of THEM are an approximate for the Essence: they can bring some closer to perceiving these energies we speak of as they are, but they cannot convey that energy itself.

 While the MSS of Liber 13/13 in particular those sections dealing with Life and Human-Centred Geometry and the MSS Universes Parallel further explain in detail the other components that come together as separate studies focused on forces and magical understanding to bring this complex issue into a unifying force.

Detection/Critical Assessment of forms, their structure, and their essence are generally turned over in the mind and weighed against a plethora of past experiences, predicted outcome, inconsistencies, potential for projection, the underlying motivations for projecting the form, expectations past and present, memory and so on, plus a healthy dose of human analysis balanced somewhere between Optimism, and Cynicism. Because where there is a Deceptor (And all human beings are scorpions) there is a Detector.

Experience/Experiment shows that since Form is an abstract that resides solely in the Causal experience, and because the Acausal component implicit therein cannot be utilized to analyse the essence of an acausal presentation by a Deceptor on the causal plane. I.e. causal beings, are blind to it. Analysis of a Deceptor will inevitably operate from a human-centred/self-centred fixation by the would-be Detector – wherein, consciousness operating from the mindset characteristic of a resident imprisoned in the human body is enmeshed in the physical form and indeed the Physical. The Causal. And thus, Forms.

 All this is a detailed way of explaining that someone attempting to see through a Form – will naturally use other forms to determine their progress. Without acausal perception – without the diffusion of consciousness, they cannot help it, since it is form that characterizes and restricts the causal perception in a 3d plane and it is the immature development of acausal perception but nonetheless imbuement of it in the human nexion that leads to “contradiction” and seemingly irreconcilable differences ‘between’ forms: an illusion held up by the nexion itself. It’s not strange that the Scientific community should be labeling into existence so many multi-verses, alternate dimensions, and so on and yet not simply include the Acausal in their calculations, something that would make sense of much of their confusion – a) the Scientific community has as the ONA say, lost sight of Science and become a bevy of theoreticists. b) We hold that the Acausal cannot be perceived from a Causal perspective. That is part of the hypothesis being tested by the presence of the Temple of THEM. Another part being the energetic grid to hi-jack and subvert cyberspace, the other a physical energetic grid to hi-jack and subvert Australia to serve as a nexion for Vindex. Other parts of course, to be revealed as various stages are arrived at.

 But with this notion of form and acausal perception in mind, let us now turn to some of the more mundane causal forms that make up this extraordinary experiment.

 The Spear

One of the secrets guarded until now is the true extent of infiltration by members of THEM into other groups via close association with key figures to crystallize a secret intelligence network – another, the sharpness of our perception. Due to the inability of a causal-mired nexion to see beyond form: it is not difficult to use that reliance on form to create a powerful mental glamour. One such glamour is called the Spear.

 Note some key points in Shape-Shifting:

 1. One must adopt a shape.

2. One’s shape must be seen to make mistakes.

3. One’s shape must be seen.

4. One must have visible faces and forms – while being an invisible face of form.

5. The target must only ever see what you want them to see.

6. The arte of Deception involves the art of Distraction.

7. Being an excellent shape-shifter naturally leads people to distrust you.

1 To interact on the causal plane requires a shape, a presentation, a shell or human guise. We know this.


To presence Acausal forms requires an involved weaving of thousands of illusions often over a lengthy period of time. For it is in the summary/overall experience of this weaving, that is to say between the forms, that the gap of the Acausal reveals and illuminates.

For example: in each personal interaction, these usually being one-to-one or face-to-face, one decides which attribute to emphasize in order to build a picture of one’s “persona” in the targets perception. One replies in a manner according to what one wishes to emphasize at any given point. Should mystery be emphasized, Should certain attributes or emotions be emphasized, Should power or connections be emphasized? What, and how are tentative tenuous decisions that correlate to the Experiment and what is called for at any given time to extend a tendril. But what is not generally made known is that to be effective in shape-shifting – it is necessary not only to have your real persona operating a front persona – but for your front persona to be operating its own front too, a deeper glamour I call a “spear”.

 It is through the spear(s) that one of THEM is known by everyone outside of one’s inner Sinisterion. And then, even inside, members of THEM are largely unknown (that is, information falls into an abyss) even to each other.

The spear is the amiable cheerful face of the Deceptor. A Deceptor naturally meaning, one who deceives. The Spear has a name by which others will know it and an array of attributes that appeal to the most general population. It is the name(s) by which one signs things, says things, is seen, heard and witnessed. Most people have an alternate persona – but they do not have a spear. Nor strangely, do they understand the necessity for one, especially in this dangerous work. A fact lamented by not a few of the Sinisterion careless enough to let their vigilance lapse.

 The spear, of which there can be more than one representation, represents the first line of Satanic defence. The average person is so caught up in oneself that they are careless about the information they exchange with others. (THEM are surgical.) Naturally, to discern the motivations of someone a person will read between the lines. During the friendly banter exchanged a wise magician remains vigilant that they are being studied.

What this means – is that, due to human caprice, the Detector (the person studying ‘you’) will be aiming to fill in some rather large gaps in his picture of you – esp. if you are one of those mysterious, anonymous types.

Thus it is that the Spear fills the role of supplying those details to feed the hunger of the curious. It is the “casual unwitting mistake-maker” – the ‘you’ “careless” enough to give occasional innocuous “personal details” during pleasant information exchanges to secretly assist someone in building up a picture of you to decrease their immediate curiosity (native to all inquisitive brains). And it is prior to assuming a major form, such as ours, that the smart shape-shifter sits down and literally creates a completely set of fictional personas complete with fixed attributes with which to dangle as a carrot on a stick. (This involves some tricky manipulation of postal loopholes, address exchange, identification flaws, library archives, dangerous associates, and ID stealing – covered in the section on Camouflaging the Chameleon. Trade secrets of Espionage and Intelligence and Satanic Tradition.)

It is the spear that will exchange sensitive information, the spear that will send and receive mail, the spear that will act as an administrator/inductor, the spear that will meet and greet and introduce and mingle, the spear that will mislead and misdirect both its friends and thus its potential enemies as to its actual nature and the spear that will serve as a decoy to hostile forces. Making a pseudonym is usually done by anyone using the computer – though haphazardly without the psychological arsenal of one of THEM and without a clear conception of deception. Most people can be persuaded to give sensitive personal information merely with a suitable Spear by appealing to their personality type and vices. Trust – places a person in a precarious position in our line of work.

The spear, though cheerful, personable, likeable, must also be seen to be secretive. This immediately places an increase of weight on any detail a Detector CAN extract from the spear directly or indirectly. Name, Age, Gender, Location, Outward Connections, Consistent Responses and Philosophies, Interests, Known Associates and Motivations are all top of the list. One by one some or all of these are ‘leaked’ via the spear (this itself an Art!) or are presenced, supplied, gathered what have you from available information distributed by the Spear – incidentally, a glamour so named because the Detector literally impales himself unknowingly upon its point. With this information, some of the things presented to some of the members of the Sinisterion may now make further sense.

 Now, from experience, it is Between the Spear and the Perception of the ‘you’ behind the spear where the Detector will look for You, the Deceptor. Now it is understood why an extra line of defence is required, rather than simply an alter-ego. If, a Detector looks for ‘you’ between a fake persona and another fake persona – what can be found of ‘you’? If a Detector looks for ‘you’ between You and your fake persona – anything they extract may prove highly detrimental.

 The Acausal shape-shifter is in a somewhat precipitous position. Their form must be seen from a variety of strange and difficult to explain angles. And I say difficult, because one can no longer simply use the terminology of the causal dimension – but must employ quantifiers for both. I was asked why I did not simply speak from a purely Acausal point of view – to which the reply is – there is no known language for the Acausal save for that of Dreaming.

Continuing – it is not enough that a teacher of shape-shifting take on ONE visible layer of form in order to demonstrate his skills and techniques (Qv. RA/Tnepres/ThoTh/f/CV/J/Eddas/E/Edward and so on) whose wraith has shown a prolonged visible countenance of a shape-shifter with distinct features and identification traits (and Works) as moving from one phase to another physically, magically, mentally to occupy various roles. Now here it gets intricate. It is not enough because it represents only a superficial level of shifting. A vital attribute of any visible form is a certain degree of deficiency. Without that figurehead of calculated clumsiness the shifter lacks the very element that renders them invisible. While Legion keeps the punters busy, focused, occupied, distracted – the absence of sound – the vaccum created by the pressures of the actual shifter goes unnoticed. Thus one of THEM can sidle right up to you and you not even know it. Because the Spear of the Shifter is seen out in the open – the punters focus on the wrong fellow. They consider themselves astute, watchful, aware of the possibility of misdirection and deception by this strange fellow who teaches shape-shifting and admits to being deceptive and infiltrating various organizations – but, what’s this, he’s not as good as he thinks he is, he’s left clues… heh… Have we now? So then, astute ones, how many of US are there? One? Two? Six? Or a Dozen? What are our names? What defines US that reveals US – Symbolism? Terminology? Beliefs? Age? Location? Energy? Which groups do we watch from the inside, IOT? ONA? ToB? OAA? MLO? TOS? FCOS? SOS? OTO, yours? Where did you get your information on THEM – from US? Or from the Spear? And we are Australian, right?

It is questions like these that beg for the mercy afforded by critical thinking.

ONA – masters of chameleonization created a very similarly layered labyrinth using the above techniques. Try, for instance, reading the ONA’s MSS with this in mind. Where some of the insights such as those garnered by the MSS – “A Contemplation of DWM” may arise.

 We know the Acausal Deceptor cannot be seen – we know this because that form of magic has no form or physical identification – it is not causally detectable. If it was, THEM should not have moved into advanced stages of its first aim without detection and without difficulty.

 Some of our detractors (of whom we watch carefully) underestimate the value of extreme patience and subtlety. One gate took three years to open, another five, another eight. Not a problem – we’re not going anywhere and we have nothing better to do than achieve our aims.

 One of those aims is to teach our black magical principles from the Australian Nexion and reveal the theory and techniques that comprise them. It would generally be considered counter-productive to the formation of any group trying to attain personal power over its members to reveal such layers and operations: for if no longer focused on Legion, where might they look? Into the “Dark Soul of the Night”? Quite. Now if only they used that awareness when perceiving Magian forms…

 However, the ‘You’ (i.e. causal vessel) that subsists beneath the glamour of the Spear, being bound by form, will, and does, exhibit information allowing further profiling of your identity and character. And Here, a very pointed analogy can be drawn between the survival of the physical human being/nexion in order to achieve the Great Work – and the romantic view of a Dark God clawing at the veil between the Worlds seeking intrusion. On one level – they are one and the same. Until the physical body is completely diffused, that is, an entirely acausal, there is a paradoxical dance with death whereby the Satanist endangers themselves, lives on the edge etc – and yet undertakes the training, steps and measures to ensure the highest level of protection for survival from the entropy of the mundane world.

 See ‘An Analysis of Frequency L13/13’ for further instances. Following these it can be a difficult game to conceal one’s closer (habitual) attributes simply because of the tell-tale trail of the geometry of information. Things sometimes beyond control when using form are one’s method or manner of communication – one’s terminology, or even a consistent focus on certain concepts. Thus it is that some shape-shifters (one in particular whose spear is infamous) have left trails that show certain persons are and have been among us whilst cultivating glamour of a very special sort – practicing a variety of ‘habitually disruptive’ roles to keep themselves randomized, and yet remain virtually undetected by those without the eyes to see. But it’s not for us to reveal them. We enjoy the ‘game’ as much as they do.

 Beneath the ‘You’ is the diffusion of consciousness characteristic of the Adept – the core of a Dark Sol. But remember it is in the rays of the sun that most of the ‘Work’ is done. From day one – carry a spear. We have.

 7 Yes, unfortunately, or rather as a result of, diffused consciousness that interferes with one’s causal ability to maintain a solid form to others; being known as a shape-shifter of some skill and of course, revealing the disarming secrets of one’s trade, carries with it the burden of implicit suspicious mistrust. Members have reported side-effects of our ‘Grand Science’ with members of their inner Sinisterion due to able demonstrations of Chameleonization openly – thus revealing how adept they are at controlling what people see and witness of them. This has lead to issues of instability, esp in magical relationships, where one may say the illusions of the causal are experienced withdrawn and the frightening (from their point of view) essence beyond projection revealed. Thus Emily no longer sees John, but a sinister grinning trickster, a dark, mysterious and cunning master of illusion who sends her projections back to her. This has the effect of causing people to be perpetually unsure whether a shifter is sincere or merely playing another role: An unavoidable Sinister Aspect of THEM’s Work and this Work in general. One of the disarming scenarios concerning the ONA was one (disturbingly argued) suggestion that the Order could in fact be the work of one Super-jew who decided to prove the merit of the Jewish faith by manipulating its enemies perfectly and unknowingly into adhering to the wisdom of a Sacred Jewish Holy Order under the guise of Satanism/NS/Islaam and so on. Unfortunately, there is a sinister correlation between the deceptive potential and the invisible ultimate aim of the shape-shifter. When one becomes as adept at shape-shifting as DWM the possibilities increase frighteningly – past the Abyss it becomes correspondingly difficult to shake one’s head definitively at anything manifesting on the causal plane. Pending the more advanced results of the Seven-Fold Way – a better judgement can be made. On that – it is somewhat limiting that the Seven-Fold Way disdains the study of Qabbala and Jewish Magic – for then one may preclude a study of the enemy for greater comparison that can be considered vital for a more rounded self-discernment.

 To summarize before we move on: the essential point being made is that creating a thing like THEM is only possible via a tandem of invisible (and visible) infiltration of key players known or in any way associated or trying to associate with THEM – and some very special rules of Satanism that aren’t known to many, some that we have borrowed, some that we have created. The ONA’s Shrencing MSS, I believe, danced on the outside of these techniques. THUS: Let them think they know where/who/what you are – while you Know where/who/what they are. This is a practice quite similar to the blackmail operations set up to entrap riches and power via the cameras for compromise within a Temple. The Temple, being an enticing forbidden environment where the lure of dark magic and unbridled sex holds fascination for many who are thus left (that is, not informed) to invest it with their projections as a place of romance and intrigue, a literal temple to Satan and doorway to exciting taboos all shagpile carpets and mahogany altars as it were – is seldom understood by the eager for the menacing role it plays in surveillance, tactical espionage, and entrapment. They seldom understand or are meant to understand, the extent to which the Temple watches them. This type of thing is very much the case with many Satanic Industries: though it bears repeating that THEM have emerged to help a few out of the occult labyrinth, hence our revelations of our Satanic techniques for the few who deserve to learn them.

The Tempel ov Blood (Qv. Liber 333) emphasize Infiltration of Organizations, as do the Order of Nine Angles, of which we are a Nexion. To them, these techniques are probably already known – but to those who wish to become one of THEM, these notes may prove a disturbing sobriquet. MEHR SEINS ALS SCHEIN…

 *Briefly: In terms of causal perception – general refers to the common convenient name for interpreted content, i.e. a “ball” or “sky”. Specific refers to a definition of an abstract in a layer of further segmented abstraction. “A shiny, red, ball with spots” or “Stratosphere, Atmosphere, Oxygen/Nitrogen/Carbon Dioxide” while an abstract is essentially the end result of interpretation of any content using further abstracts to do it. These faculties are employed in this manner due to the size and position of our human-centred consciousness which finds itself enmeshed by the physical body and whose concerns are directly related to its feelings of inferiority and superiority relative to it.

** In terms of acausal perception – none of these differentiations exist. An abstract in the causal is not the same as an abstract in the acausal. An abstract in the causal (Qv. The Star Game: adv. Asstd. Essays) can be defined as anything isolated in perception by giving it a name. Until it has a name or parts of it are named by projection, the ‘Black Clay’ to some extent is experienced as it is – i.e. formless. Abstract Perception is a mutually inclusive consciousness of being the acausal within the causal. See Appendix.

+ The Reason for creating new words is not only to define new esoteric experiences – it also has another undertone: because of the uniqueness of such words, it makes it easier to track the growth and path of their forms online. 

Cold Facts of Form and Manipulation [3]

The Cold Facts of Form and Manipulation: III

1. The Form of the Magi below the Abyss IS diametrically opposed to the Form of the Sinister.

1.1 The Form of the Magi after the Abyss is seen to utilize identical energetic leys/currents/memes as the Sinister. The two forms now swim interchangeable.

1.2 What then is the inherent difference between the Magi and the Sinister?

1.3 When apprehended in the context of ‘Form’ the inherent differences are different pending the Time and Culture and Individual Terminology.

1.4 When apprehended in the context of ’Dialectic’ the inherent differences are unified and expressed below the Abyss via the ‘Narrative’ Appeal of Leaders.

2. Narrative is racially, spiritually, intellectually, magically, historically etc defined by Pre-time Events. Pre-Time events are events that have their roots in the past, well before the birth of an Individual and are generally never created from Original inspiration.

2.1 Pre-Time Events are taken/drawn from tradition, culture, heritage, legend, story-telling, and myth. Such Events are featured and referred to in holy books and guides with the express intention to help offer guidance to an individual/group/culture/civilization and function as a Weltanschauung or World View of Order amid what is invariably referred to as an approximate of the Chaos and Confusion of the World.

2.2 Pre-Time Events are always based on a pre-nirvana or pre-paradise [I.e. Atlantis] that is enshrined in a “Golden Age” from which Humanity as a whole has fallen from and must attempt to return to by living a certain way and upholding certain values.

2.3 Some of these Events prefigure a race of Gods that existed before Men. As a man of ‘modern’ consciousness I do not doubt that Men interpreted Gods from what they saw. As a magician I do not doubt that there were Gods. A large majority of these Gods were atavistic/animalistic/monster type entities. Only when proto-humanity became more aware of its own humanoid form did such Gods begin to take on an appearance more like men.

2.4 It is inevitably a previous Form that is lived by an Individual and previous forms on which they base their way of living. Partly due to the communal system of peers, parents, authorities or state for instance, the individual builds a strong relationship with Forms tied to and rooted in the Past – especially, Pre-Time Events. Although at the time these Forms are learnt, they may seem to be rooted in the Present from the individuals point of view.

3. The Origin of Narrative appears to have arisen of its own accord – yet we may deduce that it occurred between the inception of Original Chaos – and the faculties of Interpretation that led to the rudiments of the early Matrix that led to symbols/idols and group worship of a Form.

3.1 The current personal embodiment of the Magian wishes the ability for these kind of observations to be forgotten so they may maintain their Status Quo in stasis.

3.2 The Sinister wish these observations to be considered with the full gravity they deserve as they speak of the undercurrents of what is really there before our eyes, viz. Geometry, and reduces the overwhelming diversity and glamour of the world into the context of Forms. This reduction divests the Magian of the protection of an impossibly complex network of things to be considered in any contemplation and places them in a simple context of biological/cerebral evolution, effectively stripping semantics down to the bone and removing the labyrinth of magical mystique that hides their own Origin in much the same way a magic trick is revealed to the magician’s audience.

3.3 From the evidence of the manner in which we can observe today: that the fetus forms in the womb, the brains and synapses knit together, the bones solidify and the teeth, nails and hair begin to sprout, and the passage of an infant from a helpless baby into a wobbly toddler with stilted speech into a relatively articulate adult human being THEM believe that there is strong evidence for mans foundation in a system of biological evolution. Yet makes no assumptions as to the state of Life or existence of non-human entities prior to the Original Act of Staring into the Abyss.

3.4 The behaviour of certain men is what has come to be defined as the Magian, from all the evidence of biology/anthropology afforded to us today, arose, after, the Original Chaos. It is unlikely that the concept of ‘Magi’ on which many modern day practitioners gleefully project their Shadow – were born with a malevolent streak to control. The Magian utility of Form to control could not have eventuated at least until Physical Violence was discovered: Chance let a being perform some unique display that engendered the awe/fear of others: or some means of communication was devised and made more sophisticated over time to share Interpretation.: and enjoyment was derived from the Abuse of these. The early Sinisterion logically evolved side by side with what would become the Magian and probably differed from them only in their opinion as regarded the direction of the Narrative gleaned from this abuse.

4. THEM hold – the Essence of the condition understood as “the Sinister” existed before men.

4.1 THEM hold – the Essence of what is understood as “Satan” / that current of Original Chaos of which “Satan” is only a recent extension, existed before Form and prior to Men as an antediluvian Sacred Geometry.

4.2 The Abyss came First. Second, the Sinister. Third, the Magian. I.e. Shock and Awe and the Staring into the Abyss. The development of a human being and its interaction with the world. The interpretation of the world.

4.3 The rudimentary forms of the Magian and the Sinister co-evolved late in the Interpretations of Humanity in a continuous struggle to Express. What is Expressed changed then and changes endlessly as it does today for Man is not conscious of what he is trying to Express and relies on the convenience of the Matrix and its catalogue of Pre-Time Events to define that Expression. And to re-define the Expression. And helplessly, in all efforts to re-define the Expression, ad infinitum.

4.4 Without knowing Why, Man Expresses. These Expressions are bound up in available Forms, in politics, in religion, in pre-time events and traditions that pre-ceded that person. Any source of the origin of the need that incites the need for Expression remains an esoteric enigma – buried under hundreds of thousands of years of forgetting the Original Chaos via the constraints of that Chaos in an artificial Matrix of interpretations.

5. ‘Satanism’, as practiced by the ONA, hosts a deliberate system of erosion of fundamental ’dogmas’ that thrive in the Matrix and hold together many of its structures. THEM believe that this species of Satanism in particular is key to Remembering. The Sinister Tradition records adversarial memes that do not seek to act within and with the permission of the Matrix, but from outside looking in on the Matrix. Their systematic study of the formation of the forms in the Matrix and the Acausal as a means of placing thousands of these forms into one simple time-based context of an Aeon, triggers a ghostly Remembrance of the Original Chaos beneath the Illusion.

5.1 The atavistic/primal Memory of the Original Chaos and thus the Condition of Man and the questions that should be asked to get closer to it separate the Sinister from the Magian. The Sinister/Satan could be better understood if a thorough curiosity were extended into the development of man using the existing evidence and working backwards, without going so far as to contemplate any unobservable events such as the Big Bang Theory or the magical mystical point-blank of Creationism but to contemplate the proper Event in Time that logically suggests Us.

5.2 The Magian does not seek to reduce the clutter of the Matrix but to add to it – they are a species characteristically ruled by Fear. They strive to Forget.

5.3 The Sinisterion strives to Remember. To understand what is being Expressed both by and beneath the Illusions in which they find themselves surrounded.

5.4 The Magian are “The Closers” – the Sinisterion are “The Openers”.

6. What is culturally/aeonically/cosmically etc ‘correct’ is at its Essence a matter of personal contemplation and a will to re-power Pre-Time Events. What is culturally/aeonically/cosmically ‘correct’ etc is at its Appearance a matter of Pre-Time Events.

6.1 The truths revealed in the Abyss are impossible to reconcile with the truths adhered to below it.

6.2 It is both right and madness to ‘Remember‘.

6.3 Remember.

Cold Facts of Form and Manipulation [2]


1. The majority of human beings are ruled by Fear and Laziness.

1.2 Laziness is enshrined in the least necessary force required to achieve an aim or intent.

1.3 Fear is enshrined in the lack of strength to do more than the bare minimum. To resist the instinctual impetus to rise above the pathetic standard set by one’s society for oneself or recognize one’s inherent Choice to obey that standard stems from one’s cowardice, ignorance, or fear.

1.4 If the Magi of the East ever possessed the power to psychologically/magically enslave people neither of these two terms would have been understood as being the name of the ‘mechanism’ or coercing force behind this enslavement. What occurred of necessity to enslave a race or populace was the human-tradition of Force by Physical Submission whether by massive Wars or individual or group Violence, thus was the world sorted into leaders and followers.

2. Aside from Physical Enforcement however, there no doubt grew an awareness of and development of the early science of persuasion/manipulation that involved Appealing to one Mass in order to assemble a Form large or powerful enough in mind, spirit and body to achieve the enslavement of another Mass of People.

2.1 The Magi, if they ever existed, would not have known what psychology was, or perhaps even used the term Magic. There is, despite the frantic and intellectual wishful thinking of scholars, almost no connexion to these people, their world, or their consciousness that relates to modern day people, their world, and their consciousness. The only connexion that exists is that these beings although termed ‘human’ were termed something else well before Latin terms became popular through Science – shared a roughly similar biological shape to modern day human-beings and perhaps, similar biological drives.

2.2 The Original Magi, are long dead. It is their ideas that have lived on. And the very same special effects that they are remembered for via the Bible are carried out today with almost no-one the wiser. It is still, for instance, common to enshrine some individual with a perceived aura of power and prestige by the mere bringing together of already influential people who are then seen taking said individual under their wing. And it is still common for a similar enshrinement to happen in an invisible, underground manner. This leads to an instant elevation of status by proxy. Thus did the Wise Men or three ’Magi’ help make of Jesus a holy man and emperor. Thus did the Roman Army help make of Caesar a powerful leader of Rome. Thus did The Thule-Gelleschaft make of Adolf Hitler the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany.

2.3 The fixation on the personal [and thus aeonically irrelevant except as examples of a type of energetic manifestation] names, achievements, influences of an energetic manifestation in physical persons, physical lodges, deliberate movements, such as ‘the Magi’ or ‘White Lodge’ is to apprehend the appearance and not the essence.

2.4 The Appearance/Form/Myth of a “Magi” is sealed with the Western Ethos – remembered because of their role in the Bible – a Form that has now existed for thousands of years. Hence, by a combination of chance and deliberate enforcement, has their myth, by proxy of being associated with the Bible, remained intact and living and, invested with far more importance than is right or deserved. The ‘Magi’ are in Essence, just one mostly irrelevant example of the means to effect deliberate Change in a society. This is nothing new, and nothing magical, but it is and always has been an extremely effective method of controlling the Matrix. It is a practice that has been enshrined today no differently than it was thousands of years ago in the predecessors of the practice of which the Magi was one example in the Neo-Conservative methodology of the American New World Order.

3. All Mutinies, Coups, Revolutions, Dissents, Wars, Peace Marches, Demonstrations, Rallies, Groups, rely on the coercement of others over to one’s side. If one has the benefit of already having those on their side who lead and influence large numbers of important or tactically important persons, so much the better.

3.1 Modern Celebritism is based on exactly these basic principles. Powerful Media persons take some talentless hopeful and turn them into a ’Star’ overnight via the co-operation of the Music Industry, the Marketing Machines, Tabloid and Magazine Moguls, and the Merchandizing Industry in a joint collaboration that appeals to each of their interests to grow their influence and make money off a cashed-up susceptible [insert stupid] populace. This collaboration has been recently termed ‘Croneyism’ and means the behavioural habit of looking out for or showing preferential treatment of one’s close colleagues at the expense of all outsiders. There is nothing mystical or magical about this: it is as old as the first demonstration of greed [and how many have you seen in the last few days let alone the last 100,000 years?] and appeals to the base human desire, to ’own stuff’.

3.2 This energetic meme of greed, of appealing to others to form a group to fulfil some aim or intent; whether it be a mutiny of the Bounty, or the Ultra-Violence of the Droogs, is the only essence of the Magi. An elaborate deception by thousands of persons over time slowly fostered this meme into a human body; the rumours and rampant speculation of which led to such notions as the ‘Illuminati’, ’White Lodge’ etc. What is rarely understood by aspirants is that it is the artistic/romantic seed of these ideas at the level of rumours that influences some person or other to take it upon themselves to manifest such notions. Thus, in mere suggestion, lies the seed of manifestation. Whilst the energetic meme used by the ‘Magi’ is essentially a neutral magical force: those strong enough to be leaders [All Leaders] have used it and still use it, [IT being ‘Narrative Magic’] to formidable effect. Effect that is interpreted differently pending one’s spiritual division.

3.3 Satanic Mimesis of this meme involves using the meme to create a Sinisterion/Syndicate that eschews laziness and fear. Because the Magian have been so lax in the formulation of other magical applications owing to the astounding success of their prime agent – all structures built and maintained by the Magian are founded on this basic principle illustrated by the Magi and thus conform to an identical geometry at their essence. This has enabled, with the emergence of several black magical weapons previously veiled, the blueprint of the meme to be studied and a solution found to counter the meme involved.

3.4 Just as the Satanist ventures so very far before being tempted sorely to abandon their Quest to be like Satan to go over to the Other side, to God, to the Secret Samahdi and must reject Divinity to return to Earth as a Dark God – using the meme of the Magi to launch an abyssal/aeonic defensive – a structure that mimics those of the Magi must be constructed using intrinsically similar principles but within which writhe conscious tendrils/a twist that re-directs the causal forms created by the meme into Sinister crystallizations.

4. Unless the meme being used to effect a re-orientation/“de-stortion” of Magian control is consciously understood and the ‘de-storters’ self-protected/insulated against the Wyrd/Ethos of the Aeon the meme will be forced to grow in accordance with that Wyrd/Ethos and take the shape/form of a Magian structure.

4.1 Awareness of the vagaries of a meme and its inherent ability and effects and awareness of Aeonics, human vagaries and its historical/memetic record of behaviours is still not enough to insulate a form from Ethos distortion. There must be a supra-personal goal pursued above all individual concerns the implementation of which is designed to strike at the very heart of the Essence of the ’Magi’ and not the appearance – this involves the collaboration of the extraordinary efforts by Undividuals or ’first humans’ to solidify as a cohesive force to combat the meme without being seduced by the meme. There must [at this stage in history] be an aggressive, time-based momentum that appeals to the counter-meme characterized by Satan.

4.2 Seduction by an eventuation of Power would mean that the counter-meme has failed to overcome the distortion and become a distortion itself – and as a Representative of Opposition that would require being headed by Adepts – an incredibly powerful one capable of undermining a great many attempts by the Syndicate to reverse the damage owing to their extensive knowledge of the techniques and modalities of the Black Arts. In this event, those undividuals would become extremely dangerous enemies to the Satanic Syndicate, to the Sinister, and to Change and should be sought out and promptly executed.

4.3 Overcoming Seduction cannot be achieved by a being possessed and driven by a human-centred geometry – geometry that is generally of the personal sphere. Only a life-centred geometrical possession enables the cold detachment necessary to chain the ego to the Undividualized Will of the Satanic Adept.

4.4 The majority of Great Leaders have been seduced by power, inevitably leading to Hubris and their decline.

5. The majority of Great Leaders fell into Hubris either by ignoring the warnings of imminent seduction and excess of power – or did not have the Undividuated support of Five other Satanic Adepts.

5.1 The Enshrinement of Fear and Laziness is the real essence of the Way that has come to be seen as a personalized ‘White Lodge’ or ‘Magian’ distortion comprised of a group of white magical masters acting in conspiracy. Most persons living that Way are, aeonically, as meaningless as those persons who live the meme of the Sinister Tradition which is equated to Wisdom and Striving – for both are superseded by the power of the memes that influence them.

5.2 Part of being an Adept is understanding and accepting these facts as a means to move forward.

A Sinister History Lesson

+o+ Note: The following statement was appended by the Temple of THEM to certain Temple transcriptions of David Myatt’s “Vindex: The Destiny of the West” as used in Liber DABIH. These comments were not an original inclusion in ‘Vindex’ nor do/did they have the permission of D. Myatt to be appended to this manuscript. In no way should the following addendum be associated with the writings or views held by D Myatt. These comments are addressed by THEM to the Global Sinisterion as a Reminder – but in the past have also been addressed to those with short or limited memories who have or continue to criticize/demonize numerous political regimes (including National Socialism) for their so-called evils but who fail to take the current tyrannical power and the history of America – to task. Since it is usually America accusing others of tyranny – herein we present a fairer history lesson.

It is vital to remember that it is America that has a long and detailed recorded history of brutality and arrogance world-wide, with some 80 incursions into other nations since World War II citing Vietnam, The Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Australia, New Zealand, and its most recent, Georgia, to name just a very few; always with the intent to control, intimidate or invert the invaded nation but citing its reasons for invasion as missions of peace. Whereas in reality, and as history soon shows, the invasions stem from a need and greed for precious resources such as Opium in the case of Vietnam, Oil in the case of Iraq, Afghanistan and/or as part of a geographical strategy to bring it closer to its enemies in order to govern them – America is, as the progeny of Puritans, Witch-hunters, and Inquisitors, a nation mad with paranoia.

What is not largely known is that there is an entire underground methodology employed by America to secretly undermine a country in order to set the stage to play the role as its saviour – characteristic of America’s Judeo-Christian Ethos. Such methodology usually means a trained individual is inserted into the country to cause a specific act – the act provokes outrage by the populace (fuelled by the media) – the actor is caught and a show trial begun – legislation is passed to prevent the act from reoccurring with special police powers distributed. The actor is released back into the secret service.

America’s most insidious tactic lies in its power of propaganda; viz. of sending ‘Peace Keepers’ into countries on the pretense of humanitarianism. It is vital to remember that it is America that generates the most media and the most material concerning its righteous intentions as a God-Loving country – yet as an agent par excellence of the Magian, and as historical records show, has always been ready to throw its own to the wolves, treating its populace and other nations populace’s with contempt and as expendable. While the most vocal about the Human Rights abuses in other countries, the Superpower hypocritically engenders all of these abuses by selectively ignoring or threatening to ‘help’ countries with its military presence. In regards to Human Rights Abuses: most recently, David Hicks recently served six years in a detention center in Guantanamo Bay (which then changed its name to the frightening name: Camp X-Ray) – and was only reluctantly released by the US after their illegal detainment of his person without charge. He was required as a condition of his release to sign an affidavit that he would never speak of his experiences during his illegal internment.

Of the recent conspiracy of paranoia created by the Magian, citing the attacks of 9/11 as a farce generated and inflicted on its own people via its own agency where evidence lies in mentioning that there was no wreckage found of the plane that supposedly smashed into the pentagon; that the plane that crashed into the twin towers was identified by military experts as not being a Boeing or passenger plane; that images of the plane show the plane was clearly carrying an incendiary device underneath its hull whereupon a brilliant flash issued just prior to the plane smashing into the building and detonating said device; that the manner in which the floors collapsed directly down flies in the face of all technical principles according to experts in construction; that Jewish workers were contacted and told not to attend work that day; that Bush knew of the fourth plane before it was publicized; that no trace of Osama Bin Laden has ever been found; and that America desired an intensified police-state grip over the world due to its failing propaganda of control via its “War on Drugs”, a switch to a “War on Terror” was instigated with the result that the global focus of Western humanity has become self-policing, paranoid and dangerously unstable in its rational, logical thinking, due to being paralysed and shocked with fear and terror of terror.)

That faith and trust is given to America’s authority over the events of World War II, let alone the 80 other countries into which it has illegally interred itself and its military forces is an indictment of the stupidity and gullibility of the human race and a triumphant tribute to the power of media, propaganda and fear to control a populace and direct its thoughts and interpretations of events by a government. Thus one can understand that the importance given to the loss of emphasis on a rational analysis of observable facts to allow a non-political examination of any emotionally charged event, or more accurately, any event charged with emotion; and the corresponding dilution of Science that has become increasingly theoretical and driven by the directives of the current politic to dictate its findings; as argued by Myatt – impacts considerably when one allows common-sense and detached analysis of the facts to be over-ridden by emotional sensitivity engendered by careful manipulation and control of facts controlling how an event is perceived, not how it was. Or rather, that the detachment necessary to divine truth has become a morally twisted engagement where it is wrong to perceive one’s own opinion of the facts as they stand and contradict the authority of the Authority.

This is not to say that Hitler or Hussein were not hard men that caused atrocity – but that America is more guilty a party for its dishonesty and deception in its role in these wars and of the charges it has laid against others with its moral tribune of ‘War Crimes’ than any of the countries and regimes it has persecuted and bastardized with its Jewry. Moreover that America, despite its trickery to conceal its hideous appetites for death and destruction and be seen as exempt from committing such atrocities as its accuses other of, by its own populace and by the world – is irrevocably guilty of not just one holocaust, but of hundreds and has (and is) continually moving from one campaign of deception to another to hide its atrocities just as it is doing now and will always continue to do until it is destroyed, or destroys everyone and everything.

America is the national equivalent of the personified Psychopath – a psychopath that knows only one thing, its own one-eyed weltanschauung. America is the spoilt child of the West whose vicious, relentless, remorseless behaviour is like that of the small boy caught with his hand in the jelly bean jar who denies all the evidence of wrong-doing despite the truths evident. viz, an immature, dangerous, and Inquisitorian Empire. Anyone faced with this evidence unable to make a rational deduction without political pressure or sentimental moralism as to the involvement of America in 9/11 and its propagation of the Holocaust Myth, is Magian and Our Enemy.